The idea of revolt in America has been nothing but a pipe-dream for maybe fifty years. It’s something often discussed but rarely employed. Complacency became the template when dollars became the focus. There isn’t time for revolt when citizens are busy clocking in and out and chasing sleep minimums. Entire population centers have been led down the drain by political/social coercion and economic distraction. This intellectual oppression opens the doorway for every other kind of oppression, right down to armed occupation, because the people are none the wiser. Statist education programs and pharmaceutical sedation are all a government needs to ensure its authority remains unchecked.

Since 9/11, various movements have stirred to life on the left. The scattered remains of the Ron Paul revolution rallied to Bernie Sanders (a fair number blatantly rejected him), which gave a voice to the persistent echo of socialism. Nearly every narrative provided by the government and its institutions is questioned (and sometimes cracked wide open) by skeptics and doubters, who can afford to take such positions because so much factual information is so readily available. Anonymous came to be, Wall Street was occupied, pipelines have been halted, and now splinter groups of rioters and protesters have taken to the streets in light of a common enemy: newly elected President Donald Trump.

For more than a decade these various subsects of the left have struggled to gain traction, going so far as to use one another as stepping stones, or even intellectually gutting one movement in favor of another. Faced with a familiar enemy, these groups have found solidarity and are rapidly spreading. The movements have aligned, from left-leaning political parties like anarchists and communists, to radical social fighters like the feminists. Even the groups that were unsure of their goals and direction have found their cause in opposing President Trump.

In the past, the left has been rattling a spear without a point. President Trump is certainly not who these people want in office, and that realization has helped them to assemble. Leftists have discarded their old spear in favor of a cannon, and now push their artillery closer and closer to DC. Revolt in America is on the rise, and this is just the creaking of the wheels that carry the cannon… the small, toothless snakes that were these independent groups have turned into a Basilisk.

Modern civilization operates almost entirely on coercion. Citizens are pushed into lines of works to fight off bills they were born into. They’re pressured by dominator types into consumerist shackles, which are further reinforced by capitalist tendencies. The people of today wake up to turn a buck, watch TV when their work is done. Coercion leads to resentment, which can manifest itself in any number of ways: racism, sexism, and other narrowminded positions that are conglomerating under the banner of fascism. Resentment births justified hatreds as well, and after this last election cycle, some of the angry and restless have redirected their passion toward the White House, a majority being leftists.

Now outfitted with the proper numbers (to get the ball rolling), and the right direction, the left can assemble and lay the groundwork for revolt. Sowing the seeds of revolution in future generations might be the most important aspect of lasting change.

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States