The current presidential cabinet should be skinned and spit-roasted like the easy prey that they are. This is a political panel with no political experience, like Boy Scouts storming Normandy. Perhaps my anarchism gives me a bias, but I’m very disillusioned by such a collection of businessmen. Being who they are, one might surmise this cabinet is solely concerned with profit margins and bottom lines. That same observer should be quick to remember that there are no such principles in some of our most important and tarnished systems (education and healthcare).

We need to hold Trump and his gang’s feet over the fire. Since they hold no credentials and harbor no experience, they have to show us what they’re capable of, not just ramble on. I mean it when I say we have never had a more incompetent clown in Washington, a place named after our first President who doubled as a General and freedom fighter, not as a reality TV show host. As anarchists we should be relentless in our assault over the next four years. Exploit the inexperience and make our intentions clear: reject every part of a heavily corrupted system, expose the collusion, and end the coercion.

Organization and mobilization might be the most important aspects to a successful movement. Red Cloud and a few thousand natives didn’t resist the American Army by accident… these were warriors that could execute synchronized attacks hundreds of miles apart without any kind of communication line, Morse, radio, or otherwise. Red Cloud fought his War by getting his hands on the same weapons his opposition would use against him, and made sure to never use the same roads the white men did: all the firepower and none of the predictability.

Insurrection, as likely as it is, remains on the back burner. Education and unlimited access to unbiased information are the most important stepping stones to an improved society. The more knowledgeable and informed a populace is, the more capable they are to access and solve any issues that may arise. Aggression falls second to learning.

That can be the first ember we touch to Trump’s toe: what is your plan to improve our failing education model? Our programs condition children to cut corners and use an “us-versus-them” mentality, and doesn’t teach anything consistently enough for it to transition into the ‘real world’ and have any value. Text-based curriculum that is spoon fed to the bottom of the classroom because ‘no child is left behind’ isn’t cutting it. Trump can start by showing us how he’ll get this country learning again.

These are powerful political positions being held hostage by people with no political experience. I want to hold them accountable at every cut corner and misstep. Why not? What could be more patriotic than reverting to the formula provided by our forefathers? These politicians were supposedly put in place by the people and are there to serve; if we don’t like you or your policy, you get the fuck out of Dodge. These offices couldn’t be meant for corporate puppets and thieves, tycoons, barons, and the politically perverse, could they? Our leaders are corrupt, our schools are sinking, and our police forces have turned into militaries- the purpose of a military is to destroy an enemy, and the only people in sight are American citizens.

The template is simple: hold the greenhorns over the fire, assemble the people, and educate the masses.

The mythical phoenix is known for self cleansing: rinsed in fire and reborn from ash. Most governments are (unknowingly) founded on the same principles. These economic, political, and corporate systems grow bold and narcissistic, condescending in their conduct. The become greedy and insatiable like most any institution. The people subjected to these broken systems are only oppressed for as long as their restless will allow: such friction creates a mentality unique to the environment, tethered to the rebel’s soul, formulated to undermine and overthrow a specific entity.

The rebels spark their own inferno in an effort to create change, incite a purging: make ash. They don’t fear the fire but instead welcome the transition. The rebel recognizes that those born into shackles have a right, perhaps a duty, to liberate themselves.

Human history is defined by the Ash Bringers. Diogenes claimed that the mob is the mother of all tyrants, and these words have manifested within various movements. William Wallace mounted his offense against the heavily armed Crown, and rallied the most vicious fighters the Highlands had to offer. People can only take the taste of injustice and coercion for so long before they choose to bite the hand forcing such things down their throat.

Not every Ash Bringer has to carry fire and steel. Bloodless revolutions aren’t as common, but they certainly take place. The Women’s Rights movement reached its goals without any focused violence, and the Civil Rights protesters molded their own movement on the same principles (though not all subscribed). From Rosa Parks to Red Cloud, the soul of the rebel can rise from any kind of person. Revolt rears its head in back alleys and classrooms, bus terminals and shopping malls, battlefields and burial grounds, where they seek to cut pipelines. Resistance doesn’t need a place or a time: it mostly needs you.