Based on my terrestrial observations, I think mathematics and nature are the only two constants throughout the universe. Consciousness is probably spread out as well, sprinkled on top of ripe, available matter, which these beings might manipulate through mental processing and bodily function.

Math is precise but abstract- nature is always embedded in matter, like the sand within the sandbox. These ingredients have been blended over and over again across billions of years, a constant rippling in every cosmos. Life isn’t a question but an equation, combinations of endless factors, and you are one of infinite universal products.

“To be human is to be one –
so open your eyes
with the waking of the sun.”

When nature provides us with an obstacle, it is routed or toppled by math and science, and the opposite is also true. Descartes said that nature will be conquered by number and measure… but the missteps of man can only be cleansed and purified by nature, and the same is true for the individual: psychedelic consumption helps us to better process and understand our experiences, and examine our lives in a different light, both good and bad.

Humanity is the offspring of this back-and-forth friction between mathematics and ecosystem; nature’s window into the world of cognitive function. Animals stir with the wind while man erects a home to keep out every facet of nature that might bother him. We are becoming one of the obstacles we once sought to remove.

“The only real control we have is over ourselves.”

Humanity is part of an organic tripod. Man’s point of balance is an extension of the first two legs of the mechanism- these two being nature and the animal kingdom. Each leg has unique factors and functions, and these three components of life lean on each other for support.

One leg of the tripod- that is the one that is polluted, cancer-ridden, and painfully artificial, is in decay and pushing the other two out of harmony. Despite our wit and windmilling arms, man is prepared to topple.

“We want the cure to everything we can’t afford
This life is not enough for us-
We want eternity and more.

To play God in a metaphor.

Oh, you restless ungrateful,
when will you learn?
You manifest the construct
You only borrow what you earn.”

Despite any claim one might make, no matter the authority or status they hold, no one knows a thing about the nature of our reality. Scientific analysis and expression has uncovered and even explained some of its functions, but has yet to get a peek behind the sheet. This doesn’t make our sciences any less valuable, but it does imply one shouldn’t expect them to provide any kind of answer.

Any conclusion drawn tends to be grounded in direct experience and observation. Thought experiments lend tremendous value to our intellectual efforts, but remain hypothetical when we sift through the data. Regular old legwork will always yield superior results.

The value of direct experience waltzes hand in hand with psychedelics. In the West, a social stigma when using such substances is part of the experience: those that dabble with altered states of consciousness are sometimes considered a little alien by their friends and neighbors. This is a symptom of the dominator culture we’ve come to Stockholmishly praise. Those that neglect the law and social taboos surrounding such substances are given a peek at the script, a look behind the sheets of industry, economy, fashion, entertainment, media, and politics, which is maybe the first step towards enlightenment- freeing oneself of the bonds of culture, which doubt can introduce and psychedelics can ram home.

What many find is that nothing in our universe is independent, or can exist/function without interacting or being influenced by something outside of it. That would mean everything is interconnected, no matter how meta or minute.

Some of these concepts (and the way they’re related) are cosmic and incomprehensible. Consciousness, being, mathematics, time, and death are all complex but vague, just beyond genuine understanding. Such concepts (and anything you find comparable, abstract or otherwise) overlap each other in some ways, but can often be observed as parallels.

In order for parallels to be recognized, there must be someone or something present to make the observation. These concepts are parallels because we are immersed in them, anticipating them, but are able to step back and examine each individually, as pairs, what have you. We are the bridges between these concepts, and perhaps allow for them to interact with each other.

McKenna offered the theory of novelty, which is the idea that the longer things go on, the more likely things are to happen. As things occur, the likelihood of ‘special’ events comes and goes. McKenna cited the I Ching and King Wen Sequence as examples of this, which is a pattern of self-replicating hexagrams.

Regardless of the connections and observations we make, these factors continue to affect us and each other. Time is maybe the most elusive because it’s never really been seen or felt. It’s influence and manipulation/deterioration of matter can be witnessed, but time remains unseen. Outside of the sandbox, so to speak, and might even be part of the framework that holds all the grains in place so that we might play. As all encompassing as it seems to be, we exist only in time’s periphery.