With technology unfolding at a rapid pace, we get to watch the information age manifest itself in matter. Almost every shred of information and human knowledge is woven together and is always available via cyber-access. This is the age of the autodidact. The time for a new kind of philosopher to emerge, one who employs a blend of traditional education and supremely focused self-teaching. Given the proper tools and lenses of perspective, a conscious mind can digest anything.

I think of this philosopher as a modern shaman or techno-bard, reminiscent of McKenna’s ‘cyber cavemen’. A balance of Western teachings and Eastern understandings- groundings in any walk of thought, from Plato to Voltaire to Red Cloud to Lao Tzu to the stoned cleric of the jungle tribes. Master Watts, Wittgenstein, and Nagel just because they’re next in the line up. This philosopher would be spoiled with knowledge, would extract original ideas and arguments, and would be able to effectively communicate them.

And if technology would be this philosopher’s trusty steed, than by god, psychedelics will be the torch. Steve Jobs conjured Apple on LSD, and most forms of art are influenced. There is no speculation as to if these substances change one’s perspective and improves thinking patterns- they do. Some believe the stronger hallucinogens might do even more for us. This avenue might lead to a super highway for consciousness (as Graham Hancock has argued) for this new philosopher.

They would hold to no ideology. This philosopher would seek to understand the opposite of what he or she might believe. Sophistry, apologetics, and the thinking templates they offer would be utterly abandoned. This new thinker would spearhead the transition into the era of neo-enlightenment. Free thinking and an honest approach would be the model.

“Behind us: the unknown. Before us: the secret.” -Terence McKenna