Throughout President Trump’s election campaign, he made a series of statements implying that he would directly address Iran’s missile programs and its sponsorship of various terrorist organizations. After a SEAL raid on an al-Qaeda compound, and the repositioning of the USS Cole (both in Yemen), President Trump’s efforts are clear: eradicate one of Iran’s most powerful investments – the Yemen-based rebels, and assist Saudi efforts with government injection. Without having so many militias and terror sects to carry out the dirty work, Iran could be forced to own their actions or abandon them all together.

Since the nuclear deal made with Iran in 2015, they have tested a number of ballistic missiles, radar systems, and defense plans. Iran leads its neighbors in tactical capabilities.

Following President Trump’s election, 25 sanctions were placed on various individuals and entities involved in Iran’s nuclear research. Iranian news outlets stated that a drill would be conducted on Saturday to “showcase the revolution’s power and to dismiss the sanctions”.

Despite Iran’s defiance, the Secretary of Defense (Mattis) states that no more American military presence will be deployed to the Middle East, but will instead “put Iran on notice”. Having already conducted their military exercise, Iran has drawn their line in the sand.

President Trump seems keen to address Iranian sponsored terrorist groups, but avoids directly addressing Iran’s conduct, despite its defiance of U.N. protocol.