We are literally alchemy incarnate. Your brain takes in a sensory experience and your body reacts accordingly, whether the action is based on an emotional chemical conversion, or the rapid, precise thinking patterns we call intellect. You are the bridge between being and nonbeing, matter and consciousness; the philosopher’s stone, in a way. A healthy person is in a constant state of change. As we cycle, we become paths for one another on the journey of what it is to be human.

The political/economic systems and social models we have in place are there to prevent change, to keep us stagnant and laborious. This has always been the case with class systems and government- systems form, empires rise, we are filed away economically, and marched off to compete with another system. We make dramas of our farces to make them more distracting, whether it be religion, war, or an election.

People aren’t concerned with what they know or how they spend their time, they are concerned with how much money they’re making and the status they hold. These distractions are global and have led the entire species astray. There are methods of reevaluation and refocus, psychedelics being one of the most effective. These naturally occurring substances have been tried and true for thousands of years, and laid the groundwork for many relevant modern fields of study and research, such as medicine and consciousness. Being alchemical creatures, our brain is an organ designed to specifically process such drugs. The naturally occurring chemicals, such as DMT and psilocybin, are proven to be non-addictive, and can actually treat such behaviors. Some study groups have had positive results in using LSD and mushrooms to treat PTSD and other mental illnesses.

One vaguely negative side effect to consuming these drugs is that the inhibitor probably won’t want to be governed in any capacity. Changes of perspective through psychedelics, something I call cognitive speed bumps, help us realize we don’t want to play the game anymore. Voltaire once said that what is not found in nature can never be true, and when we observe the artificial molds of our societies and cultures, we become critical. Currency value, politics, law, and religion will only be found within the shackles of civilization. There are no bibles in the bogs or constitutions in the caves.

These realizations might explain why governments (another artifice) have made psychedelics mostly illegal. The powers that be never hesitate to send soldiers off to war (conveniently across the ocean), but suddenly there must be safety protocol in regards to natural substances that aren’t harmful or addictive? Shamans and elders have utilized hallucinogens for centuries and have always been valued by their communities. Once we examine the factors surrounding the nature of psychedelics and their place in western society, we may start to see a pattern. People aren’t productive when they’re criticizing the system, and corporations, politicians, and CEOs would prefer to prevent such behaviors before it makes them obsolete.

Those that have experienced what these drugs have to offer firsthand can confirm that some substances speak to and guide us. I often describe the brain as a mountain, and your mind and mental faculties must navigate this mountain every day (through emotional reaction and intellectual stimulation). Obviously your mind, having to navigate this same range every day for years and eventually decades, will fall into the same thinking patterns, or employ the same short paths over and over again. Psychedelics find their way into your brain and encourage your mind to explore every path and feature of the mountain it forgot was ever there. These new lines of thinking make room for perspective changes, which allow us to adjust our perceptions, and eventually our behavior.

The mushroom told me I have a gift for processing such states of mind. The mushroom told me that my anger is often justified because my intentions are good and I’m logically correct. That the point of life is to live, and that the two are distinctly different. Everything that is alive is striving to live… life being function and process, the grass, the rain, the sun, an unconscious back and forth that still yields results. Life is about taking and receiving, and provides its own meaning. Living is what you’re doing, make decisions, having emotions, reflecting, expecting, or maybe just reading this essay. The processes are definitely different, yet the simple act of life is always moving forward, and will eventually evolve into living. Everything gets a turn, and your environment (nature) will encourage you to any end. “Entertain and be entertained”.

As extensions of nature, the consumption and exploitation of our habitat borders on cannibalism. Predators can migrate between food sources, ensuring them with essentially limitless resources. We subscribe to predatory predations, but don’t employ the same model because there are far too many of us. Capitalism operates on the misconception that profit is limitless, which is impossible, because our planet is very finite. Not only do we deforest, we drill holes right into the Earth, and push ourselves further out of harmony with the most familiar component in our reality; nature.

“You are closer to a plant than an animal, your brain is like seed caught in motion… a kernel of information and ideals, and hopefully you help to sprout new plants, where you will relax in the shade of your handiwork and luxury.” Another gem from my dialogues with the mushroom. Terence McKenna called us the cutting edge of nature, which is factual. It’s a shame we’ve turned the razor back on the Gaian world.