Man is waging a conquest on a planet he already dominates. No other species has ever declared ownership like we have, and this declaration has put us out of balance with not only our habitat, but our cohabiters as well. Man has hunted or poisoned countless creatures to the brink of extinction, and no one will be held responsible. The only moral account is your fellow man, and he will reap any luxury or benefit until the end of the Earth.

It isn’t only raw consumption and pollution that’s killing our opportunity here in the Milky Way. The rigid illusion we’ve painted of war has led an endless line of our own to their unmarked graves. If it were possible for us to learn from history, we’d recognize that we are inherently violent and should address this impulse. Find common ground or disregard each other all together… anything besides legal, ‘justified’ murder on the largest scale to line a few select pockets.

This cycle- that is the rich sending the poor and patriotic to kill each other for money- hasn’t ever changed. It’s employed the same model since we started living so closely. Find a common language, perhaps a religion, and file ourselves away into a class system. Once the system is in place and generating revenue and excess, it naturally does what all systems are meant to do: it competes with its neighboring systems. Maybe living so closely, over-socializing, has contributed to our violent, impulsive habits. How often do parents tell their children that bullying is wrong, but support war efforts, past or present? How is name-calling below, morally speaking, the art of mass murder? If humans pretend that the golden rule is to treat others how we’d like to be treated, why do nine first world nations harbor nearly 17,000 nuclear weapons? We pretend to reject violence on a small day-to-day scale, but embrace it in its most vile and destructive forms. This has been an issue for humans since the start of our history, and our leaps in technology have furthered the impact. We aren’t just killing each other, but whole environments and ecosystems, and the animals that might live there.

As long as the state looms, the important, valuable aspects of society will not belong to the people; liberty, privacy, personal rights, mental sovereignty, the economy and market. These authoritative snakes seek to benefit on stripping us of natural rights and obscuring any available truth. The people become distracted by status and wealth, by fighting off debt and daydreams, and thus become victims of toxic feedback loops of angry opinions based on structured misinformation. This misinformation is in place to keep people dishonest not only with themselves, but with each other (unwittingly). Stagnation is the only available avenue when most discourse is balanced on fabrication.

We are born into systematic coercion, literally, in our hospitals, where the bill runs much like a dollar counter in a taxi cab. From there, we crawl to an education model so broken that it really only serves as a daycare so that our parental citizens can continue to work. This education system (which spends between $8,000 and $15,000 per student per year… adding up to nearly a quarter million dollars per K-12 student) goes on to produce more laborers, grease to maintain the corporate machine. As our brain patterns flatline, our societal problems swell into global crises; spectacles that we barely address.

This coercion is so deeply ingrained in our citizenry that it can’t be removed or even highlighted without stirring offense. No one wants to be told they’ve been programmed to function, and even then, they are infinitely less likely to admit such things. A better approach would be to leave the thinker the proper tools so they might better examine themselves. Facts are easier to digest if the discoverer believes the epiphany to be their own.

Education is a solution to most every problem. The more intelligent a populace is, the less problems will arise. When they /do/ find an issue, the educated are far more prepared to provide a solution than those who let others think for them. A comparison can’t even really be made.

Coercion has another ugly side effect that is flourishing within humanity: mental illness. The symptoms of coercive civilization are depression and schizophrenia, illnesses rarely observed in simpler societies, usually indigenous communities with virtually no coercion. The use of legal, chemical, psychological, physical, or financial force to gain compliance will fragment the relationships (and psyche) of any population. Alienation and desperation become the common traits between those struggling to survive.